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Want to have the most affordable prices and still remain an industry leader?

Pricing your products correctly is imperative to your success as a retailer. By knowing your competitors prices, you open yourself up to a whole host of benefits. The Sardio Scraper is the most advanced and easy to use general purpose scraper. Featuring next generation artificial intelligence technology and the most comprehensive feature set of any scraper on the market today.

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Maximise Revenues And Outperform Your Competitors

Get all the help you need to develop a winning pricing strategy by gaining complete market intelligence. The Sardio Pricing Tool not only give you current prices but also historical pricing trends. Never again will you worry about keeping up to date with price changes, because you will get notifications, as well as pricing recommendations to boost revenue and margins.

Sardio uses your Google Shopping Feed, Amazon inventory list, or a CSV upload to gather product data. This can then be used to compare your products to your competitors. Where manual matching is concerned, our Artificial Intelligence agent will either match your products automatically, or tell you which is the most likely match based on information such as images, product name, and price.

This type of market intelligence can also assist you when maximising your sales, profits and margins, by finding periods of high demand.

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Increase Your Profit Margins

Sardio allows you to increase your prices where it is sensible to do so. In some cases, you may be pricing too low and throwing away margin when in fact you could raise your price and still be the most competitive in the market. Sardio’s price scraping tool shows you where you are most competitive and least competitive so you can optimise your marketing spend, targeting your most competitive products.

However, there may be some products where buying and distribution costs are too high for you to make those changes - in which case an evaluation of your product line, your purchasing arrangements and your marketing spend are in order. The beauty of having such pricing intelligence readily available means you will be able to closely analyse these factors.

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Using Automation To Streamline Your Business

Sardio is designed to be the most user friendly platform on the market. This stems from an aim to save our clients time and cost through eliminating implementation fees. Monitor, match and review pricing in a matter of hours. The automation of the tool means you will save time and reduce costs as manual price monitoring is no longer needed.

Sardio is capable of integrating fully with your website to reprice automatically based on rules set up by you. If you would rather reprice manually, then Sardio can be set up to give you the exact pricing intelligence you need.

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