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As an agency you don't just want a price scraper

You want a partner that you can work with in a business relationship that is mutually beneficial. In addition to all of the power of the most sophisticated and easy to use general purpose scraping software on the market, we work with our agencies to ensure that your customers investment is rewarded.

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Grow Your Reputation And Revenue

As an agency, Sardio offers the opportunity to make yourself a more attractive proposition to prospects and your existing customers. When we are developing our software, our priority is ease of use and technology which provides tangible commercially driven benefits. We offer a complete e-commerce solution that enables you to attract new clients and grow your reputation with your current customer base as a leading solutions provider.

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Quick Implementation, Better Results

The primary aim of the Sardio Price Monitor is to make keeping up-to-date with competitors prices as easy and accessible as possible. Through our AI Assisted Matching and custom script setup, we can ensure that your customers are up and running on our platform very quickly. Which means that in most cases, implementation is quick and does not take up a lot of resource in your team, or theirs. The Sardio team is always there to support and help you; from sales support from our product managers, through to development.

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Get Ahead And Stay Ahead

Through introducing game changing technology which is always commercially applicable, we give you the benefit of being at the forefront of e-commerce and Price Monitoring support. Sardio is always looking to evolve, our development team are constantly looking at ways to make our tools even more effective, based on the trends and customer issues we see every day in the market.

We keep an eye on the e-commerce world which translates into practical and innovative solutions for our clients. We understand your customers rely on your advice to lead them in adopting the latest and greatest technology. Sardio gives you the opportunity to always be ahead of the curve.

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