Sardio Price Monitor

Get ahead in your market by outsmarting your competition

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Boost Revenue, outperform your competition

Increase Market Share

Outprice your competitors by tracking changes in pricing trends.

Optimise Purchasing

Use market intelligence to plan for periods of high demand.

Increase your profit margins

Raise Prices

Set higher prices for products where you are the cheapest.

Optimise Marketing Campaigns

Direct marketing spend to your most competitive products.

Use automation to streamline your business

Implement Faster

Monitor, match and review pricing in a matter of hours.

Save Time & Reduce Costs

Outprice your competitors by tracking changes in pricing trends.

How it Works

How it works


Automatically find prices for all of your competitors products through scraping their website.


Your Data

Import your data from your PIM, Google Shopping Feed, and Amazon Active Listings report.



Match products through the Sardio AI or AI assisted matching tool. In many cases the matching will be automatic if you have a Google Shopping Food or you are selling on Amazon.

Top 3 reasons to use Sardio



Monitor prices from a range of sources and match to your products with ease. Have full control of reporting, notifications and parameters for repricing with our intuitive platform.



Our automatic matching process and ease of use mean that the matching process does not require the manual input that others do, therefore removing set up fees and monthly service charges.



Our unique technology allows Sardio to interact with even the most complex websites, even when there are human inputs required to select product options or quantities. Therefore giving you the most comprehensive view of your market.